If I have any doubts, how can I contact you?

Yolene makes a relationship with the customer one of his strengths. Customer Care is active every day from 9am to 8pm, even on weekends. You can write us an email at  info@yolene.it or call us at +39 347 2608313. Here we are also available on Whatsapp, or with a traditional message. If you need to be contacted, leave us your mail or phone number: we will do it as soon as possible! We are always available to you, both before and after your purchase.


What are the payment methods?

Yolene offers you several options. You can pay with a simple click, at the time of order, through Credit Card, Prepaid Card or your Paypal Account. Or you may decide to make a wire transfer with the amount required to our Current Account under Yolene di Matteo Fossati, Code Iban  IT 25 V 03268 48670 052158696680 C/o Banca Sella di Tortona Swift/Bic Code SELBIT2BXXX. We will ship the goods once we receive the wire transfer. If you prefer to pay on checkout, you will need to deliver the cash amount directly to the courier at the time of delivery. In this case we do not accept checks or other forms of payment.


Is Payment Safe?

Online payment management on this site is entrusted to Paypal, the world's leading provider of money transfers. Paypal is able to offer the highest security standards to its customers at every stage of the transaction. Under no circumstances can the seller access credit card information, prepaid card, current account, electronic purse or any other means chosen by the customer for online payment. However, a special ticketing service is available, so the customer pays directly to the courier at the delivery of the goods. In this case only cash is accepted.


What sizes do you match?

If you have decided to buy a boss by selecting a size, please note that each of these matches standard international standards. If you want to know what they are, find them in our table simply by clicking here (dedicated link).


How does the "tailor made" service work?

A tailor-made service is also available for all our products. In this case the head is made by the Laboratory based on your measurements (which are protected by privacy). They serve four, in addition to the height: breast, underneath, hips and waist. To take the measurements you can use a normal tailoring meter without wearing any garment. To proceed just click on the window with the sizes, and choose the last option with the word "tailor made". Then you will need to follow the instructions provided by the site. For any clarifications, click on the following link to refer to the "Customized Guide" (link). If you need more information, write to us at info@yolene.it, or call us at + 39 347 2608313. We are always at your disposal to guide you in the choice of measurements! The service has an additional charge that is automatically indicated by the system before making the purchase. Again in this case you are entitled to the return or replacement of the boss.


From the time of order, when will I receive my boss?

Our service - both tailor-made and tailor-made - is very fast. From receipt of the order, which is processed automatically from the site, our Laboratory takes two to three days to pack the boss. Shipment, both in Italy and in Europe, is always done with International Courier, which is delivered to the client's home in less than 24 hours. The average delivery time is 4-5 days. (except for unexpected or special requests).


What if I can not wait for normal times?

In general, Yolene is very fast, both in ordering and shipping. In any case, if you need a product with the utmost urgency, you can contact us in advance at our info@yolene.it mail address or call us at +39 347 2608313. We will produce your boss as quickly as possible and then send it with Urgent Shipping to to be indicated to you. In this case, the service has an additional charge, depending on the courier requests. The cost will be communicated by email for acceptance, before proceeding with the payment.


What should I do if I forgot my password?

In this case, you can safely re-set your password. When you are asked to log in, click on the "I forgot my password" link (follow links). Now you have the option to enter the registration email and click on "Send". You will be emailed with your username and password. In any case, you can contact us at info@yolene.it, or call us at +39 347 2608313.


I want to give a present to a person. How can I do?

Yolene is happy to meet anyone, when the purpose is to make a gift for a special day. In this case, you simply enter the customer's shipping address to which you want to send the boss, and then pay directly online. If you want the package to be wrapped in paper-gift, you just need to write to us at info@yolene.it, or call us at +39 347 2608313. This service does not have any additional charges.


I have a discount voucher but the system does not recognize it. How can I do?

For all promotions valid on the site, Yolene recognizes its customers the right to use them whenever they want. If your system fails to process your voucher, just write to us at info@yolene.it or call us at +39 347 2608313. We'll automatically scrap the amount from your total payment, and then we'll ask you to match it or with wire transfer or with a check mark directly to the courier. If you have already paid, we will return the difference by wire transfer to your current account. Or you can decide to hold the valid coupon valid for a future purchase, always on Yolene's site.


Can I cumulate my discounts?

Each single voucher is valid for a single order (ex: order three products for a total of EUR 600.00 + shipping costs, I have a 10% discount voucher, I will have to correspond to Yolene EUR 540.00 with EUR 60 discount, + shipping charges). Under no circumstances can the single-order rebates be accumulated.


Can I check the status of the work?

Once you place your order, you will receive an email at the address provided by you. Here you will be summarized your data and given the confirmation that the order is being processed.


Can I check shipping status?

As soon as the boss is dispatched, you will receive an email automatically to the address provided by you. Here you will have a link to check the status of the shipment at any time, up to delivery. Our Shipping Center is very attentive and constantly monitors all orders to ensure the best possible service to our customers.


What if there is no one at the delivery of the parcel?

The Courier attempts to deliver the goods at the indicated address, at least three times. After the third attempt the boss is deposited in the warehouse. At that point you will receive a mail from Yolene with the instructions to retrieve it.


Can I cancel the order?

Once you place the order, if you have changed your mind, there are no problems. You will simply need to write us an email at info@yolene.it, or call us at +39 347 2608313. If you have not paid in the checkout, we will return the payment as soon as possible with a Sepa transfer. In that case we will ask for your current account and Iban code. This option is valid until the order is put into operation (that is, the next day).


I put in incorrect data. How to do?

Once you place the order, if you have put incorrect data is not a problem. Just write to us at info@yolene.it, or call us at + 39 347 2608313. This procedure is always valid for both billing and other data (for example, size changes, custom sizes for tailor-made measurements ; changes to the shipping address or personal information; etc ...)


Which countries are served by Yolene?

Yolene can ship its leaders with International Courier throughout Italy and Europe. We also serve Russia, China, United States and Great Britain. Shipment costs are automatically calculated from the site, and are presented to you on your order before it is completed. We also have the opportunity to reach you in other countries, but in this case you are kindly asked to write to us at info@yolene.it, or to call us at + 39 347 2608313. For shipping outside the countries listed above or in special cases, varies depending on the courier requests.


Do I have the right to resign?

Every customer, for any type of product or service, is always entitled to the return of his boss if for some reason he is not satisfied. Just write to us at info@yolene.it, or call us at +39 347 2608313. You will receive a detailed email with the steps to be taken to return the product to the courier. The option is valid, according to Italian and European laws, within 7 days. from receipt of the goods, which is the method of payment. In any case, you will be entitled to the repayment of the sum paid to Yolene, with the exception of shipping charges. If within 7 days. working from the delivery of the Head Yolene receives no communication from the customer, the right of return will automatically lapse.


Do I have the right to replace the boss?

Every customer, for any type of product or service, always has the right to replace the boss with another packaged by Yolene. This option is valid within 3 days. working from receipt of the goods. In that case, just write to us at info@yolene.it, or call us at +39 347 2608313. You will receive a detailed email with the operations to hand over the product to the courier, and how to move to get a re-credit (a new product less expensive than the previous one ) or make a payment of the difference (newer product more expensive than the previous one). You will also be able to switch from tailor-made service, or vice versa.


How do I behave if the packaging is damaged?

If Corriere brings you a damaged package, so it may seem like it has been opened and / or tampered with by third parties, just do not accept it. In this case, we will contact you by mail to proceed - at no extra cost, not even shipping - to send you the same product as soon as possible. In any case you can always contact us at our info@yolene.it email address or call us at +39 347 2608313.


How do I behave if the boss is damaged, or does not conform?

Yolene pays great attention to the processing of its products, which, without exception, are tested and tested by a quality control staff. Any errors are remedied as quickly as possible. If, despite having received an outer carton, the bark has stains, tears, damaged or non-conforming, or you do not seem to have the characteristics of the Yolene brand, you just have to write to us to our email address info@yolene.it, or call us at +39 347 2608313. We will take care of it as soon as possible at no additional cost (even shipping). You will still have the option to receive the full amount paid, including shipping charges, through Bonifico Sepa. In that case, you will need to provide us with your current account details (Iban code and header). We will also tell you what to do to return the damaged boss.


Can I place an order outside the site, by phone or social network or by email?

Yolene's staff always tries to be close to their customers, both for orders and for customer care. In any case, for security reasons, we ask our customers to make orders through the site. Different ways of purchasing are possible only through our authorization, which is communicated by mail to the address indicated by the customer.


I'm an influencer or a fashion blogger, how do I work with you?

Yolene's team is happy to collaborate with anyone who wants to talk about our products, both to review them and to wear them. In this case we provide a free kit with some samples, as well as various useful information for sites and / or social networks. To receive it, just contact us at our email address info@yolene.it or call us at +39 347 2608313.


I do not have a watchful address, but I want to pay for it

In this case, you can still make use of the check mark. We will take care of shipping through Poste Italiane, sending the goods to a Post Office near your home. In this way you can pay in cash for picking up the goods.


Where do I get the bill?

Yolene will send you the invoice with the data you give to your mail address. If for some reason you have not received it, or you find any errors, just ask for the change by writing to our info@yolene.it  email address or by calling us at + 39 347 2608313.


Do you have a Certified e-mail address?

Our Pec address is yolene@pec.yolene.it . We ask you to use this address ONLY for communications that, by law, must necessarily go through this channel.


I have a wedding dress with some features: can I ask for changes to your bosses?

Yolene closely follows the intimate-bridal world in all its details. If you have a bridal gown with certain characteristics (eg: very loose back) and you are not sure that our product, within the bridal line, can meet your needs, there are no problems. Contact us at our email address info@yolene.it or call us at +39 347 2608313. A customer service specialist will be at your disposal to make the right changes, according to your wishes. In this case, the final product has an additional cost, which is communicated to the customer for acceptance before processing the order.


How do I treat my personal information?

Yolene uses the data of its customers with the utmost rigor, only and exclusively for the realization of their products. None of your personal data will ever be surrendered and / or communicated to third parties, either for commercial purposes or for market surveys. Each of them will be treated according to Italian and European standards, which protect the right to privacy. If for any reason you want to see your data deleted from our servers, just write us an email at info@yolene.it  or call us at + 39 347 2608313. They will be deleted as soon as possible.


I want to buy a boss, but I prefer to do it in a store. Where do I find you?

Yolene offers a service exclusively online. If for any reason a customer wishes to try a bargain before buying it, contact us at info@yolene.it or call us at +39 347 2608313. We have contacts with several Atelier Sposa companies all over Italy, including the Islands. In that case, we will try - except for unforeseen - to arrange a shipment of the goods at their store. There is an additional cost for this option, which is communicated to the customer for acceptance before proceeding with order processing.


Care of clothes and washing. How do I deal with your products?

The garments containing ferretti, slats and padding should preferably be washed by hand. Do not squeeze or place in a tumble dryer. Ironing, when possible, should be done at a low temperature and possibly superimposing a cloth to the most delicate parts.

The garments should be kept loose if the cups are padded. If the cups are preformed, soft or sewn, we recommend placing your bosses folded in the center, turning a cup and inserting it into the other. In any case, the garments should not be crushed or burdened by the weight of other garments.


I want to receive your newsletter. How can I do?

Just enter your e-mail in the space on the site, called "Newsletter", to keep up-to-date on all the news from Yolene.


I want to delete from your newsletter. How can I do?

In every mail sent to you by Yolene, there is a link to unsubscribe from our newsletter. You can do this at any time, and eventually register again.


Are there any open positions in Yolene?

Yolene is a very dynamic and innovative startup, which is growing rapidly in the Italian market. At this time there are several open positions. If you would like to collaborate with us, please submit your resume to our info@yolene.it email address, including the authorization to process the personal data provided by law 196/2003. If we can find a space for your collaboration, we will contact you as soon as possible.