Guide to tailor-made

This is Yolene's great novelty: all of our underwear products (both those from the Black Collection, and those from Bridal Collection) are available made to measure. Are not you sure of the size that is being proposed to you? Do you want a product even closer to your needs? No problem: here's what's for you!

Here's how to do it:

1)  When you are buying the boss, choose the "custom" option. You find it at the bottom of the size window. Finish the order, then go to the tab for entering your measurements.

2) The tab for inserting your measurements contains five items: breast circumference - underneath circumference – circumference to life - hips circumference - height.

Your data will be saved along with your profile. So you do not have to put them back when you come back to us! In any case, you can always update or delete them with a simple click.

Useful information to take measures:

(you'll just have a soft tail meter)

Breast circumference: Measure should be taken to the nipple height, without tightening. Be careful that the meter is not too high or too low on the back. You do not need to hold your breath.

Circumference below the breast: the meter should wrap just below the lower breast. You do not need to hold your breath.

Circumference to life: The meter will have to pass a couple of inches higher than the navel. This measurement has to be taken with caution, because it can change a lot depending on what you measure with the meter. If you want a sharper head, put the meter on the skin and tighten the minimum, so that the meter is tight. If you want the boss to give you a slim figure, you can measure it by holding your breath. In this case you gain up to five inches from your resting size.

Hips Circumference: The measurement should be taken a couple of inches under the bony projection of the iliac bone, at the height of the elasticity of a normal slip. Be careful that the meter is horizontal: neither too high nor too low on the buttocks. Even in this case you can decide whether to have a tighter boss, or a more comfortable one. Stringing more, the shaping effect of the head will be more apparent.

You are not sure? No problem!

Are not you convinced of the measures you've taken, or is there something that does not come back? Do not worry! We'll think about it! Instead of following the scheme listed above, send an email to our Customer Service ( A specialist will contact you as soon as possible to advise on the best solution. We can do it via email or social, or even by phone: it depends on you! And we're always there, even on weekends!